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An burning Icebear pledges for Climate-Saving-Now! It is 5 to 12.

The project e2democracy ended in 2012. This page will not be not updated and you can't participate anylonger.

Participants in the climate saving project as well as prospective participants can go directly to the pages of their city or region. Select your city or region on the drop-down menu and click on "Direct entry for participants from ...".

The e2democracy Project

The European research project e2democracy explores participation projects for their effects on political decision-making and on the participants’ behaviour. Participation procedures concerning climate protection are in the focus of research. Sensitisation of participants for climate saving issues and sustainable learning are targeted by local initiatives .

Important questions are:

  • In how far have political decisions been determined by previous citizen participation?
  • Did the participants of participation procedures on climate saving change their behaviour in this respect?
  • Would the results have been the same without citizen participation?
  • Do quality and effects of a participation procedure depend on the mode of participation, either via Internet or by traditional means?

Logo: e2democracy Over a period of 2 years, two participation procedures in three cities and regions in three countries - Austria, Germany and Spain - will be investigated.
To make the results of the cities/regions in the participating countries comparable, the form of participation in all participating cities and regions will be the same: It will be a citizen panel where a continuous exchange of information and experience among participants and experts will be organised and where climate-relevant consumption data will be collected and analyzed every two months.

The e2democracy research project is supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and financed by the national organisations of research funding in Austria, Germany and Spain.